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About Me


Sheila Bailey, better known as Sheila B.; is an author, actress, writer, and director. She’s a native of Buford, Georgia, mother of two, and “Gege” to one little grandlove. Sheila’s career began with an enlistment to the United States Army. As a survivor of sexual assault, domestic violence, and cancer, Sheila has lived through plenty of experiences that allow her to connect with her audience in a variety of ways.

Sheila has always been gifted with writing, which started in eighth grade with her first poem, “Sonny The Bee”. She would revisit her love again in 2015 when she wrote her first book, Willow Silent Cries. Her story gave readers vivid exposure to her life as a child and as a young adult. Her ability to transport readers into each and every scene she created is one of her most beautiful talents

Sheila was first given the opportunity behind the camera in 2013 when she worked on the short film, We Are One by Taiwon Graves. In 2018, she played a murder victim in The Interview, and in 2019, she had her first speaking role in Second Birthday. Both short films were created by C. Nathaniel Brown. After this last film, Sheila’s desire for acting shifted, as she sought to be more involved behind the camera. Her passion for writing fueled her to work more behind the scenes. This was her sweet spot, and it’s part of what makes her work, art. With each of her films, Sheila takes the audience along for the adventure with her unique approach and style.

"My mind lives in the galaxy so there is nothing that can get in my way. All that space is waiting for me to fill it. Get ready!" - Sheila B.

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